Ten things I would hate about not fly fishing

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Ten things I would hate about not fly fishing.

1. The high cost anti-anxiety medication. A couple of hours on a beautiful stream with a fly rod in my hand is about all of the anti-anxiety I need.
2. It's back to sox and underwear for Christmas.
3. I would have to hang out at the sporting goods department at wally world instead of a really cool fly shop.
4. I would have to find a new way to meet fabulous new friends.
5. I wouldn't have been able to introduce others to this awesome sport.
6. I was wading some shallow water one afternoon when I came upon a school of bottem feeders.  They parted politely and allowed me to wade through. I waded on a few yards and heard a huge splash behind me.  I turned around and saw a large brown trout swimming toward me with a ten inch fish in it's mouth.  The big brown came almost to my boots and turned and swam slowly toward the middle of the river.  It was nature doing her efficent work and it was awesome.
7. I wouldnt have been able to spend the better part of my life enjoying the purest of pure fishing pleasure.
8. Not feeling the electric shock of a hard strike.
9. Wading hip deep in the river watching my dry fly land softly on the water a few feet above a rising trout. The fly drifted into the feeding pattern and I saw the splash, raised the rod and felt the pull..  I still smile when I think about that.
10.There are about a million other things that I would hate about not fly fishing. 

So now as the saying goes, I've shown you mine now you show me yours.
Warm days, light winds and tite lines.