I always wanted to learn to fly fish but was told how difficult it was to become good enough to catch fish. Then someone told me about this gentleman up on the White River in Cotter, Arkansas.  Ron McQuay outfitted me for a very reasonable price, set up my St. Croix tackle and patiently showed me how to rig up everything in a very simple way. Then we went out to Bull Shoals St. Park where he taught me how to throw the fly. In the beginning it wasn't a very pretty thing to watch but because of his patience and his simplifying the method I had the solid fundamentals I needed quickly. Then we went to the river where he continued his instruction. Matter of fact, I caught fish that first day! It was great!  I later introduced my Son and Daughter-in-law to Ron and they also enjoyed his instruction and the easy way in which he explained everything.  Anyone interested in learning to fly fish should call Ron. He is really a good teacher and a gentleman as well.

Dear Ron - 

I want to thank you for making Joyce's first fly fishing an experience she will always treasure. SHE IS HOOKED!! Just what I wanted to see happen. We are booking a trip to New Mexico for this summer (the San Juan) and plan to return to Arkansas in the fall to see if we can get her on a brown. In the meantime, I am going to try to get her tied into a few good redfish in some "skinny water" on our Gulf Coast and see how she takes to saltwater fly fishing. I am afraid we have created a monster. All the best and see you in the fall. 

- Respectfully, David B. Clark

My wife and I were looking for an activity we could do together after I retired and thanks to Ron and his son Jerry we have found it! Neither of us had much fishing experience so the thought of taking up fly fishing was intimidating to say the least. From online videos to going into large outdoor sport stores and small fly shops, the prospect of learning fly fishing was for us was disheartening. Everything I saw or read seemed like it was in a different language until I ran across Ron's website www.ronsflyfishing101.com. There I found what I was looking for that was perfect for our situation...one on one training for a full day. I sent an inquiry via the website and the next day Ron called me and he explained his training technique which put me at ease. My wife and I met Ron and his son Jerry and both could not have been more accommodating. Their instruction and encouragement was outstanding. We spent an hour learning how to cast and by the end my wife and I could actually put the fly line where we wanted it to go. We weren't perfect but we were capable! Then Ron sat us down and explained the different types of flies and in what circumstances they could be used. He was patient and allowed us to ask all those questions he has probably heard a million times but answered them like it was the first time. Then the big moment came and we went to the river. Ron was with my wife and Jerry was with me. Just being out in the river with our rods and waders felt right. My casting got better throughout the day on the White River and I began to put together all of Ron and Jerry's teaching. I actually caught two brown trout!  Not bad for a novice I thought. They weren't trophy fish but you couldn't tell it by how Jerry reacted. He was as excited as I was! The feeling of a trout on your rod is amazing. As Jerry says "THE TUG IS THE DRUG" and I agree wholeheartedly. After our time on the river we went to a local fly shop for more teaching. There was not one bit of pressure to purchase anything at the fly shop. In fact we were told there are alot of things you can buy but there are only certain items you need to start fly fishing. Both Ron and Jerry desire to teach people in a non intimidating manner about fly fishing so you can become a member of the sport. I appreciated their focus on teaching and treating me and my wife as friends instead of clients. This is what I took away from our day: it is a great sport that doesn't have to overwhelm you, Ron and Jerry are wonderful instructors for beginners as well as experienced fishermen, and they will treat you with respect and work with you at your pace. I encourage you to call Ron up just to talk about what you are looking for. Once you speak with Ron I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with setting up a session. 

My friend and I decided to take up fly fishing. We didn't have a clue of where to start. Mr. Ron was helpful and informative. He quickly established a friendly learning environment, and as a beginner that had never even held a fly rod before, his patience was unlimited. I recommend him for all ages and skill levels. By the time the day was over, I had the confidence and knowledge to start my new fishing hobby. Mr. Ron gave us much more than just a lesson; working with him made memories. He taught us a life long skill, which was evident by the very next day when we both caught multiple fish. 5 stars all the way!

There is only one guy to call when you need a fly fishing lesson….Ron McQuay is that guy!  I see it all the time, folks coming in the fly shop, a little uncertain, shyly asking,” how do I learn to fly fish?”  I immediately send them Ron’s way.  Ron has been teaching people the art of fly fishing for more years than he would like to admit, but that’s what it takes. In a day with Ron you can go from a shaky novice to a confident beginner…..Take it from me, if you want to shorten the learning curve and start catching fish on your fly rod, call Ron McQuay!

I have had the privilege of knowing Ron for a little over 3 years now and I can't think of another person that I have met during my time in North Arkansas that is more sincere and geniune than he has been to me,my family and those that are around him.  Above being an incredible fly tier, fly fishing angler and an extremely knowledgeable instructor, Ron is patient and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that his guests haven't only learned more about fly fishing during their time with him but that they have enjoyed there day with him by the time it is all said and done.  There isn't anyone better that I know that I would recommend for a day learning the basics of fly fishing.  Ron does this day in and day out and aside from giving you all of his tips and tricks, he is just there to give someone else the pleasure of learning a sport that is so dear to him.    

Ron's passion for fly fishing runs deeply and quietly through his soul. You can feel his love for the sport as he takes you through the different steps of his class. You'll learn the necessary knots to put your outfit together and tie on a fly. You'll be amazed at his patience as you learn to cast. When you struggle to achieve a perfect dead drift, Ron whispers words of encouragement nearby. You will not go wrong hiring this man to introduce you to fly fishing. His class time is threaded with subtle humor. There is no shouting, no admonitions. You'll part company confident that you can stand in a river without embarrassment.

I've been a fly fishing guide on the White River for five years plus in Alaska for two years.  I've had the privilege of working with Mr. Ron McQuay at Mountain River Fly Shop for a couple of years.  Mr. Ron played a big part in my fly fishing career.  With his knowledge of fly fishing, fly tying, line set-up, casting, and his willingness to share all of this knowledge, set me on the road to being the fly fisherman that I am today.  I've had the opportunity of assisting Mr. Ron in some of his fly fishing classes, seen first hand the patience he has with beginners and his love for teaching.  I highly recommend one of Mr. Ron's classes, if you too want to become a fly fisherman or have interest in tying flies.

I began fly fishing four years ago after taking a lesson from Ron McQuay.  The instructions were very clear and Ron has to be the most patient man I have ever met.  Not only will he teach you the basics of fly fishing, you will have a friend for life!  

I have had the opportunity to fish with Ron at least once or twice each year and he continues to be a great mentor to me.  Thanks for all the instructions, the great times, and for being my friend Ron!