Fly Casting and Assembly Clinic

Ron's Fly Fishing 101 is now offering a 3-hour fly casting and equipment assembly clinic! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to fly fishing without needing any equipment. In this 3 hour clinic, you will learn how to cast and how to properly put your gear together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

One Person: $150.00
Two People: $200.00

Call Ron today at 870.405.3853 to book your clinic.
Call Jerry at 870.404.5450 for on the water instruction. 

Basic instruction:

Basic instruction will fill an eight hour day. It is a very comprehensive program that includes equipment assembly and maintenance, knot tying,casting and on-the-water instruction. We will also cover fly selection, water safety and much more.  Bring your own equipment or use mine. You will need your own waders, polarized sunglasses, and hat. Rain gear and a wading stick are advisable depending on conditions. By the end of the day you will be armed with a thorough understanding of fly casting and capable of fishing on your own.

Single s
tudent: $300.00
Pair of students: $500.00

A day fly fishing makes a great gift! Call or email to order a gift certificate*