Dry Fly

The dry fly is the adult version of Emerging aquatics. They include everything from the huge dragon fly to the tiny midge.  The fly is, as you may have guessed, fished on top of the water. Dry fly imitations are tied with water resistant materials to help keep it afloat. There are products called “floatants” which also help to keep it on top of the water.

Dry fly fishing is almost a sport in itself. There are those that fish drys almost exclusively and look down on those of us that lower ourselves to fishing midges, streamers or emergers. Those members of the dry fly community are called purists.  I personally will fish whatever I think the fish are eating when I am fortunate enough to be in the water, as long as it involves a fly rod and a box of flies.

It is easy to tell when the trout are feeding on drys because the take is very “splashy” as opposed to a fish “sipping” emergers and making little rings on the water surface. Fishing drys is very exciting, much like fishing surface baits for bass on a lake or stream. It is something you should learn because it will add a great deal to your fly fishing experience.