My Favorite Fly

Fly Fishing in the winter here in the twin lakes area of north arkansas is great.
There are times however when cold wet weather brings my fishing to a dead stop. In my old age I have become a fair weather fisherman so I turn to tying.
My favorite fly to fish and tie is a soft hackle. The Anna K is a soft hackle that I designed several years ago and produces well year round. 
I tie it in several colors and different materials so I can match just about any hatch and even when there dosen't seem to be a hatch I have caught
some really nice fish. The Anna K is available at several shops in the area.  I tie this fly in yellow, purple, red, orange, black,
red butt peacock and caddis green. Pictured below are a couple of my favorites and over the next few weeks I will be posting more pictures.  

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